When you choose Khalid Al-Zanki for you next speaking event, you’re not choosing just another speaker. You’re choosing one of the world’s leading experts in helping individuals and businesses to move out of their comfort zones and launch your product and startups. Every program Khalid present is customized to meet your outcomes and comes with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

What Experts Say About Khalid AlZanki

Khalid Al-Zanki is one of the world’s foremost authorities on Product Launches & Internet Marketing. Using his methods and techniques, we have built a million dollar business in less than 36 months. He teaches you how to achieve sales, success and profitability when you launch any new product or service.

Brian Tracy / Best-selling Author - Maximum Achievement

Khalid is an amazingly talented entrepreneur. I have seen him start companies from scratch and build them into extremely successful organizations. Khalid possesses a unique ability to create a powerful vision that his teammates and his customers want to be part of. He is also an outstanding communicator. If you’ve ever seen Khalid address an audience, you know he is one of the most powerful and exciting speakers you will ever hear. Audiences hang on his every word. Whenever I need advice on marketing, I go to Khalid. He has helped me market myself and my products in ways I never could have on my own. If you need a leadership coach, a mentor or someone to help your marketing campaign produce outstanding results then I encourage you to hire Khalid now!

Tom McCarthy / Speaker & Corporate Consultant

Khalid Al-Zanki taught himself Internet Marketing and built an extremely profitable and successful international business. And because he lives the laws of generosity and caring, he delights in sharing this information and the applications so you too can experience success and profits. Put him in your business plan and on your team. I guarantee that you will thank yourself multiple times daily.

Raleigh Pinskey / Public Relations Strategist, Best-selling Author - 101 Ways To Promote Yourself

I’ve traveled to 113 countries around the world teaching Power Negotiating to business leaders, and I’ve never met a better Internet marketer than Khalid Al-Zanki. If you want to move your company to a new level with Internet marketing, work with Khalid and his company. He is the best!

Roger Dawson / Best-selling Author - Secrets of Power Negotiating

Step by step, Khalid Al-Zanki takes you through the process of launching a product or service with success! This is the stage at which many businesses fail even before they get underway because they don’t understand the launch process. Take the time to learn from Khalid! He is one of the Middle East’s leading advisors on entrepreneurship and especially the launch process. His ideas work not only in Kuwait but across the world.

Dr. John Hayes / Author - Take the Fear Out of Franchising

Khalid has been part of my platinum group since I formed it; Product Launch Managers Platinum Group. We’ve worked together in the past six months or more. I have witnessed his ability to apply the product launch formula in the Middle East. He impressed me with his professionalism and what he’s doing with product launch formula. If you are thinking of working with Khalid, you will very happy, because he’s doing a great job organizing and bringing launches in the Middle East.

Jeff Walker / Best-selling Author - Launch: An Internet Millionaire's Secret Formula

What Professionals Say About Khalid AlZanki

Yousef AlQanai

Khalid has such a unique motivational personality that sets you at the right direction of starting your business and setting marketing strategies. He has a great approach to things. He has added value to my business journey in establishing Aymstrong and many other projects, by contributing his amazing thoughts and providing outstanding consultation whenever needed. He is a true example of true entrepreneur and professional businessman. Seriously, he never misses any detail – a quality I thrive to find in people I deal with.

Yousef AlQanai / Aymstrong Enterprises
Hind Al-Nahedh

Khalid Al-Zanki has always managed to inspire people surrounding him and/or attending seminars, events, meetups or roundtables that he conducts. He has diverted my interests with his passion for the real world of marketing for professionals with a cutting edge in the latest technology awareness and knowledge. He engineers everything, including the way he deals with other professionals. Highly recommend working or engaging with Khalid Al-Zanki in simple to complicated product launches, CRM, social media, small businesses.

Hind Al-Nahedh / Socialobby

LAUNCH Bootcamp was an eye opener. Gave me a push to go forward and got me excited. May need to attend another one for a refresh course later this year. Thanks and keep it up!

Ashwaq Al-Mudhaf / DAR DAMEC
Mohammad Ismail

Khalid has outstanding organizational and plan development skills. He is prompt, patient and professional. Khalid is exceptional at what he does as an online product launch expert. If you are looking for results driven service, look no further.

Mohammad Ismail / HSBC Kuwait
Waleed Al-Khashti

I would like to say that I have benefited from this workshop more than I expected, something inside me has changed, specially how to deal and communicate with difficult and lean people. Also understanding the personalities of the people we deal with in our working and personal life. I would say that this was one of the best workshops I have taken in years.

Waleed Al-Khashti / Zain Kuwait
Rimon Tawadros

Khalid is a distinctive marketing expert; he developed the company’s website and social media accounts, managed them for the first six months and trained the team to keep them updated and active. Khalid is very talented; he is an inspiring businessman who is very active and responsive. He is also a great leader and a perfect team player. Working with Khalid is a special experience.

Rimon Tawadros / Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive
Hussain Ali

The secrets are really lighting up your way not only in Internet marketplace, but also in any other business as those secrets and strategies are applicable to the any business. Only marketing methods are differing.

Hussain Ali / Burgan Bank
Hussain Al-Essa

Khalid has a very good sense of what the market needs and the baldness to get their attention. By bringing the concept of Crush It to a place where there’s an introverted impersonal approach to marketing, Khalid has trail blazed a new road for a lot of professionals.

Hussain Al-Essa / Mohtawa Marketing
Muhammad Mughal

A natural leader, entrepreneur and a very passionate marketing professional. It has been a great learning experience working with Khalid as he is a great team player and possesses excellent communication skills. Wish him great luck for all his future ventures.

Muhammad Mughal / Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive
Ali Mubarak

Well, what I would say about this person? he is the meaning of inspiration, I knew Khalid when he delivered courses for ACK about social media and leadership he present himself as human being not as a normal speakers/trainer that would deliver a “Subject ” I like his way of contribution to social media and the huge involvement in all events in the country, in the end this person is what I call the true quality because when I think about all men equality I think that all men are created equal, it is only men themselves who place themselves above equality, and Khalid is one of those men who place themselves above equality Good Luck Khalid and it is my honor dealing with you in the past two years.

Ali Mubarak / Australian College of Kuwait
Khaled Samy Hall

A Gentleman, a mentor and a great professional with humility and willful. Khalid is the father of product launch in the state of Kuwait. Are you looking for product launch strategy? Then Khalid is the right expert who has the professional traits and skills to plan and lead your product launch with hassle free. His quotes, comments and notes tell you that he is a visionary person, in the coming 5 years Khalid Al-Zanki will be one of the world class Experts in the products launch strategies.

Khaled Samy Hall / Gulfnet Communications
Rami R. Bedeir

A smart, talented, ambitious man is Khalid Al-Zanki. With knowledge that he does not usually keep to himself; sharing knowledge is a trait that only fine men have. I worked with Khalid on a project and I was impressed by his punctuality and his strategic planing for any scenario he faced. A man that plans, analyzes and executes exactly what is on his mind. He is a leader in the field of product launching and knows all the tricks in the book. It would be a pleasure to work with him on any project in the future.

Rami R. Bedeir / Cinemagic Kuwait

What Product Launch Experts Say About Khalid AlZanki

Jay Rosenberg

Khalid is a friend, business colleague and a particularly expert Platinum Product Launch Manager. Khalid knows the in’s and out’s of the launch process and is able to execute flawlessly. Khalid can help make your launch very successful. If you want a pro work with Khalid.

Jay Rosenberg / Product Launch Manager
James Klobasa

Professional, client driven, innovative and results orientated.. Khalid is your man when it comes to Product Launch Management and Online Marketing.. His integrity shines through.

James Klobasa / Product Launch Manager
Lisa Pfister

Getting the right person in the right position is half the battle in business. By choosing Khalid as your Project Launch Manager you’ll have half the battle won from the outset. A professional Product Launch manager like Khalid will given you great ROI in your launch.

Lisa Pfister / The Business Source
Dennis Rosenberg

Khalid is one of the sharpest marketing minds and business strategists I know. We worked on the same product launch team as part of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Manager event and Khalid’s contributions helped us win the competition in several categories. I’d welcome working with Khalid anytime.

Dennis Rosenberg / Product Launch Control
What Others Say About Khalid Al-Zanki

I have always believed that a real life experience is way more effective than regular learning, luckily, I was absolutely right! Sharing a huge product launch experience lead by one of the top experts in the field, Khalid Al-Zanki, made it a truly rich experience to learn from and a methodology to follow.
~ Nasser Al-Mutawa, Zain Kuwait

I downloaded The Insiders Secrets of Product Launch e-book and boy how glad I’m that I did get my copy as an insider.. Do you know I got so many info in that little brain, but for some reason things are shattered and with that e-book I feel more organized and I get to know where I’m heading.. and its sort of give you a backbone to your work and you feel more confident with each step you take!
~ Danah Al-Asfour, Kuwait

The Insiders Secrets of Product Launch e-book! Read it guys its very useful, short and full of smart tactics.
~ Thamer Al-Thamer, Founder & CEO
Intelligent Marketing Solutions (IMS), Kuwait

I have downloaded The Insiders Secrets of Product Launch e-book and I’m Thankful to Khalid for sharing this e-book as its complete package of knowledge for Internet marketing and for those who wants to Make Money Online.. Friends You must Read this E-book!
~ Hussain Obri, Founder
M-Software Solutions, India

It was amazing, new thoughts, added so much to my knowledge, I look to problems I face in different positive ways, it was very helpful to inspire my team as a leader and I would recommend this course to all. Thank you Khalid for sharing your greet experience with us.
~ Faisal Al-Abdallah
Kuwait Oil Tanker Company, Kuwait

You provided me excellent material (and lots of it) that allowed me to learn more about the Leadership landscape than I could have known. It’s great to see there are local Kuwaitis out there that are willing to go the extra miles.
~ Mukthar Ahmed
Kuwait Aviation Fueling Company, Kuwait

The 4-day course was very useful, helpful and meaningful. It was really great! It is one of the most value courses I ever had.
~ Munia Al-Mudhaf
Kuwait Oil Tankers Company, Kuwait

Thanks Khalid for the great course! I learned how that being a leader requires more than just being strong and confident. You need to exhibit characteristics such as patience, grace under fire and an attitude of “going with the flow”. Thank you for illuminating me in such a fun and meaningful session.
~ Lamma Al-Bassam
KAMCO, Kuwait

I really want to thanks Khalid Al-Zanki, cause I was having a new job interview on after the workshop. I am shocked from myself and the way that I was talking with people.
~ Ali Al-Hazeem
Adnan Al-Hzeem Company, Kuwait

We are proud to have a Kuwaiti mentality just like Khalid Al-Zanki. Its’ a great Job Khalid!
~ Fawzia Al-Rushaid
Intelligent Translation, Kuwait

Eye Opener. Road map to success. Khalid speaks from the heart and it shows. His passion makes you a believer of the internet power. Won’t miss the next one for sure.
~ Fady Khalife
BLU GREY, Kuwait

Khalid Has a wealth of knowledge and experience and he is eager to share it with those who seek it.
~ Jassim Hasan
American Society of Training & Development, Kuwait

Khalid Al-Zanki is an impressive speaker, a powerful trainer simply among the best ever attend training with. The material of the seminar is informative and easy to point and grasp. He is evolving amazingly, one of few Arab trainers that I would like to defiantly attend future events coached, or delivered by Khalid.
~ Mohammad Azouzi
Al-Bustan National Trading Company, Kuwait

Having your own business and loving every minute is one of the wonderful thing to have in a lifetime. Khalid has made that happen and he shared his passion with us during his interactive Start Your Internet Business Seminar. We thank you Khalid for sharing your experience that will help us to grow and build our dreams.
~ Saad Al-Naib, Kuwait

I have learned many new things from this seminar, there is something inside me has been changed! Yeah, I learned how to be a real LEADER, and now I know how to start my internet business in a right way. Thanks a lot Khalid.
~ Osama Al-Othman
Kuwait Fund For Arab Economic Development, Kuwait

IT IS ALL THERE… Benefits, ideas, techniques, vision, business awareness, distinguished strategies and much more. A step by step training full of life, enjoyment, and wealth of information. I just blame myself for not joining earlier!
~ Fadi Khoury
New Horizons, Kuwait

Khalid Al-Zanki knows the topic extremely well and is able to get his message to his audience.
~ Daniel Khalife, Kuwait

Great, great and great seminar! Worth every second. Informative and beneficial, gives you the power and push to start your own business both online and offline. Thank you Khalid
~ Nour Al-Rifai
Ministry of Planning, Kuwait

It was a good program. It will encourage you to do a business on the Internet and how to do it.
~ Lamya Bin Salamah
Ministry of Oil, Kuwait

If you are thinking to start a business get the steps from Khalid Al-Zanki.
~ Souad Noun
Tamdeen Real-Estate Company, Kuwait

Khalid Al-Zanki is the 1st person I know who reveal his own business secret. After this seminar I started marketing online which unbelievably gives a huge response. Thank you Khalid.
~ Hussain Kikali
Kuwait Co. for Process Plant Construction & Contracting, Kuwait

Thanks for your energizing presentation it was truly inspired and outstanding Seminar. I have attended many seminars but your seminars are really the best of the best.
~ Fatma Faramarzi
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Kuwait

Being a business leader today means having a strategy – and a strategy that reflects your goals, vision and mission. Leader’s Enterprises helps activate this strategy with the various seminars and workshops offered. Khalid give me the chance to execute and succeed in my industry – Khalid give me a chance to lead.
~ Olla Shahin
Hill & Knowlton Middle East, Kuwait

Khalid Al-Zanki took us toward a journey of peak performance. He’s the master of inspiration , Since attending seminars my level of personal motivation has risen up. He gave us more than we expected and in cheerfully way.
~ Nouf Al-Ammari
Ministry of Oil, Kuwait

I’ve attended Start Your Internet Business by Khalid Al-Zanki seminar, it was one of the best seminars I’ve ever attended. When I went home I was motivated and full of ideas on how to start my own Business online. It was an experience to always remember.
~ Dana Bouresli, Kuwait

Actually, it is very impressive design and information wise. It leads to what exactly future leaders are looking for and planning to. Divided well and full of variety of busy business people needs. Wish you all the best and many more to come.
~ Mohammed Al-Dwaidi
HumanSoft Holding Company, Kuwait

It’s a really great to share some of Khalid Al-Zanki experience and the way how he leads the seminar amazed me, I learned some effectively points from this seminar.
~ Eng. Ali Al-Sayer
ZAIN Telecom, Kuwait

Start Your Internet Business is a very well organized seminar in a new idea. Really I got new information and strategies by attending this seminar. LEADERS ENTERPRISES started strong and they are growing fast in the seminars and knowledge. You will not find such company gathering at the same time the best speakers like Tom McCarthy, Brian Tracy, Raleigh Pinskey. LEADERS ENTERPRISES has the power to make a difference.
~ Mohamed Babiker Ibrahim
Rawaje Advertising, UAE

Start Your Internet Business was very effective seminar by Khalid Al Zanki. He really shared some wonderful secrets about how one can get enormous benefits from having a website. Thanks to ALZANKI ENTERPRISES, for organizing such a wonderful event full of knowledge and information. I would be extremely looking forward to attend other seminars organized by ALZANKI ENTERPRISES.
~ Ali Husain Ibrahim
Softtech Solutions, Kuwait

I want to thank you and your staff for arranging such informative and interesting seminar. It was truly an inspiration to be a part of your Seminar. I got a lot to learn from it. We are all very grateful to you.
~ Ali Asgar Shikla
Al-Yousifi & Sons Company (Panasonic), Kuwait

Secrets of Internet Profits opened my eyes to great opportunities. I now see Internet in terms of how it can be a part of a company’s strategy, and I place a much higher value on the importance of comprehensive e-marketing model, integrated with traditional business.
~ Betty Sacilioc, Kuwait