What Experts Say About Khalid Al-Zanki

Khalid Al-Zanki has earned a reputation as a trusted Launch Expert in the world of entrepreneurship and small business growth. This collection of testimonials from industry experts highlights Khalid’s impactful work and his ability to empower clients to achieve their business goals. Discover how Khalid’s unique blend of expertise, strategic guidance, and innovative approach has transformed businesses, fostered success, and made him a sought-after figure in the entrepreneurial landscape. The insights shared by these experts demonstrate the significant role Khalid plays in helping businesses reach new heights.

ETLAQ offers high-quality learning experiences

“I have given more than 4000 seminars and presentations in 45 countries, and ETLAQ is one of the most professional seminar companies I have ever worked with. They offer high-quality learning experiences in a first-class facility. Their organization and support people are the best in the business. I look forward to each time I come to Kuwait to work with them again.”

Brian Tracy / Best-Selling Auther | Maximum Achievement

ETLAQ is setting the world-class standard

“I have been in the training business for over 20 years, and I believe that ETLAQ is setting the standard for world-class in the Middle East. From the very beginning of the company, Khalid Al-Zanki, founder and CEO of ETLAQ, has been committed to helping his clients achieve superior results through innovative training. His commitment to his clients is amazing. ETLAQ is driven by asking the question, “How can we deliver training and coaching that is even more effective in making our clients successful?” I love great companies like ETLAQ, which are committed to consistently getting even better. They could rest on their previous accomplishments, but they don’t. They just keep innovating and getting even better. I am proud to be affiliated with ETLAQ and I am confident that they can help you and your organization to achieve your goals.”

Tom McCarthy / Leadership Expert

Leading advisor on the launch process

“Step by step, Khalid Al-Zanki takes you through the process of launching a product or service with success! This is the stage at which many businesses fail even before they get underway because they don’t understand the launch process. Take the time to learn from Khalid! He is one of the Middle East’s leading advisors on entrepreneurship and especially the launch process. His ideas work not only in Kuwait but across the world.”

Dr. John P. Hayes / Franchising Expert

Working with Khalid will make you very happy

“Khalid has been part of my platinum group since I formed it; Product Launch Managers Platinum Group. I have witnessed his ability to apply the product launch formula in the Middle East. He impressed me with his professionalism and what he’s doing with the product launch formula. If you think of working with Khalid, you will be very happy because he’s doing a great job organizing and bringing launches in the Middle East.”

Jeff Walker / Best-selling Author | Launch

True Stories from People Just Like You

As you explore the following accounts, you’ll discover authentic narratives from previous clients who, much like yourself, began with the aspiration of elevating their small businesses. These individuals have transformed their dreams into tangible accomplishments through expert guidance and support. It is with great enthusiasm that I share their inspiring journeys with you.

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