Khalid Al-Zanki


Khalid brings his clients an additional layer of expertise, helping them create compelling and effective marketing narratives that resonate with their target audiences. StoryBrand is a robust framework that combines the art of storytelling with proven marketing principles, enabling businesses to clarify their messaging and effectively communicate their value proposition.

By incorporating the StoryBrand methodology into his consulting practice, Khalid empowers his clients to cut through the noise of a crowded marketplace and capture the attention of their ideal customers. This approach boosts brand awareness and fosters emotional connections between businesses and their audiences, ultimately driving increased customer engagement, loyalty, and sales.

As a Launch Expert, Khalid adds massive value to his clients by ensuring that a clear, concise, and compelling narrative supports their product launches. By crafting a story-driven marketing strategy, Khalid helps his clients build anticipation, generate excitement, and create a sense of urgency around their product launches.

This powerful combination of storytelling and strategic marketing enables Khalid’s clients to stand out from the competition and achieve exceptional results in their product launches and overall business growth.

Launching a Business is Hard, But You Don’t Have to Do it Alone

Khalid’s marketing formula, used in a variety of sectors, including automotive, education, media, health, food and beverages, etc., helps entrepreneurs and businesses reach success in their new start-ups or existing ventures. Khalid has implemented successful product launches for various businesses in different industries for many years.

Khalid launched and developed his first business, LEADERS ENTERPRISES, Kuwait’s first leadership development firm, at age 23 and immediately reaped profitable rewards and benefits while winning notoriety from significant organizations. The Young Arab Leaders organization based in Dubai, UAE, honored him in 2008 as a “True Leader and Entrepreneur;” Fastcompany Magazine, based in the USA, listed him as a “Most Influential Person Online” in 2010; and the Kuwait Social Starts Award honored him in 2012.

Worked with High Profile Brands & Experts

He has a 20+ years track record of managing successful launches with high-profile brands such as Coca-Cola, Arizona Drinks, Rolls-Royce, BMW, MINI, Land Rover, McLaren, Burgan Bank, Zain Telecom, and more. I also worked with high-profile speakers such as Anthony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tom McCarthy, Brian Tracy, Roger Dawson, and Raleigh Pinskey.

Entrepreneur from Inception

Khalid has personally launched successful businesses for himself and developed various products. He understands what it means to take risks, use your instincts to build a business, and figure out what works in a highly competitive and small marketplace such as Kuwait. He focuses his time and energy on LAUNCH Strategic Marketing & Business Consulting, which he launched in 2005.

Marketing & Product Launch Maven

His extensive background in the business world provides his clients a unique advantage. He’s best known for positioning people and their products for profit through proven marketing and innovative product launches. He is one of Kuwait’s top marketing trusted experts, specializing in product launches.

Thousands benefit from Khalid’s knowledge and experience shared on many different platforms, including podcasts, magazines, newspapers, radio, and television. Many others benefit from Khalid’s customized consultations, seminars, and workshops. By sharing real-world experiences and advice with his audiences, he’s known as someone who has lived through exciting entrepreneurial ventures occurring in numerous.

Talented Speaker

Khalid speaks nationally and internationally about product launches and marketing. His clients include start-ups, entrepreneurs, corporations, associations, and businesses interested in gaining a competitive edge and increasing profits.

Street Smart Experience

Making it today in business is tough, and to expand your position or dominate your marketplace, you must have the right expertise. Based on his “street smart” experiences since 2005, Khalid specializes in helping clients increase performance, double, triple, and even quadruple sales, and reach tremendous success in product launches.

Khalid doesn’t only speak about success in business and entrepreneurship; he lives it!

Walking the Talk

Unlike most “experts,” Khalid spends most of his time LAUNCHING products and TRANSACTING business instead of just talking about it. As a result, his name is probably familiar to you because he has been featured in many well-known media outlets, such as Entrepreneur Magazine. You may also be familiar with one or more of the stunning online or offline launches he has master-minded.

One of his most significant (and most recent) successes was when his strategies helped many clients go from zero in sales for new products to profitably, becoming among the top product launches in Kuwait, making thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.

Isn’t this the information and expertise you need to take your business or idea to the next level of achievement?