I’m Khalid Al-Zanki the face of LAUNCH Company, the creative force behind its launches, and a formidable team builder. I founded the first product launch agency in the Middle East, which was launched in 2005, and I’m the host and producer of the first business and entrepreneurship podcast in the Middle East, LAUNCH ON FIRE Podcast. I’ve been positioned as one of Kuwait’s Top Marketing Mavens (trusted experts) because I share real-life advice as someone who has been there in my own ventures. I’m an entrepreneur with dreams of making a difference in the world.


Khalid has been featured in..

The face behind launchonfire

Award Winning Business Podcast in middle east

Innovation is what makes the world go round, and in Kuwait, it has been the driving force behind the changes that are taking place in the small businesses arena. Khalid Al-Zanki is one of those people who is contributing to this culture of newness that the business community is experiencing by way of an exciting new podcast that he launched and which has grown in popularity since he first launched it.

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