If you want to bring in Khalid Al-Zanki, a powerful, dynamic presenter who will inspire your audience to action. His inspiring journey of starting & launching businesses from scratch will touch the hearts of your audience while it challenges their beliefs about success, and motivates them into taking massive action.
Khalid does thorough pre-event research and customizes the program for your event. His unique, and captivating stories could be told by no one else. Your audience receive a keynote that’s fast-paced, fun, and packed with usable information on how to achieve more. Your event will be more successful, your audience will thank you, and you’ll get the credit for arranging it.

Programs Available

  • Insider Secrets of Product Launches
  • Turn Ideas Into Businesses

For details on how Khalid Al-Zanki can inspire, empower and energize your audience for action; it would be great if you use online application form to Khalid’s availability..

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SETUP: Room & Audio-Visual

Even the greatest presentation can be viewed as ineffective when the room set-up is not optimal. To help ensure that Khalid’s program meets your expectations and fulfills the ultimate benefit of your audience, please review the A/V requests below and let us know if there are any challenges. Khalid is flexible and will work with your A/V capabilities and your technicians to maximize the effectiveness of his presentation.

1.0 Equipment

  1. Wireless lavaliere (tie clip) microphone.
  2. Capability for an iPad to be tied into the sound system. (Please place AV control center and an AV technician in the back of the room.)
  3. Projection capability for Keynote and/or PowerPoint.

2.0 Staging

  1. If possible, set the room up theater or classroom style with two side aisles and no center aisle. Position the first row about 1.50 to 2.00 Meters from the stage.
  2. The stage should be positioned in the middle of the front wall of the room.
  3. Stage size and height appropriate for room size.
  4. One chair on stage.
  5. A small table on the stage, with a floral arrangement, to the side for water and miscellaneous items.

A bright stage will help keep audience focus at the front of the room. Khalid will utilize the entire stage area and will stay toward the front edge. If the room has any spotlights, please aim them for a general wash of the front of the stage.

People are more alert in brightness. Dim the lighting on the screens but keep the house lights up full.

3.0 Environment

A cool room produces an alert audience, a warm room produces a drowsy audience. A cold room produces a distracted audience, and a hot room produces an irritated audience. The actual room temperature should be somewhere between 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit.