Marina FM: Khalid Al-Zanki on Dewaniya Talk Show – Social Media (Arabic)

On the beginning of 2011, everybody started talking about social media and social networks in Kuwait. Normal users of social networks turn to be speakers. It is OK to talk about their experience on social networks and social media only from user prospective only..  Not classifying themselves as experts of Social Media, and trying to promote their services to large corporations and businesses..

From product launch prospective, I agree social media is important to be part of corporate communication and marketing strategy.. But, you need to really understand the science behind the social networks and social media.. On the other hand, each business must define exactly what’s their objectives of starting social media presence, define social media policy and guidelines, and then allocate internal resources to manage it..

On April, I got an invitation from Marina FM – Dewaniya Talk Show – to share few information and tips on social networks and social media.. Just got the recordings from the station..

You can play the recordings using the player below (Commercials have been removed.)

When you’re done listening to the interview, please leave me a comment..

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