Launch It! Seminar Sets Businesses on Road to Product Launches

Kuwait – May 4th 2011: Kuwait-renowned corporate coach and business success expert Khalid Al-Zanki has led a highly successful seminar for marketing professionals and ambitious entrepreneurs that were held for the first time on May 3rd 2011. The event was organized by Center of Professional & Continuing Education at Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST).

The one-day intensive event titled, “Launch It!” focused on one major area of modern marketing in business, which was Product Launches. The product launches generally is one of the most important elements in product life cycle and every time a launch is executed it must go well for the product to succeed in the marketplace.

Dr. Hassan Al-Sady, Director of Center of Professional & Continuing Education, GUST said: “The revolutionary product launch process is usually directed toward your businesses existing market, or you can go after a whole new market, dependent upon internal or external resources experience and confidence in executing the launch process. In this world-renown seminar on product launch, businesses learn how to unlock their full potential for business success. They get to discover the fundamentals for product launches, and learn how to plan a launch blueprint, develop a launch offer, build anticipation for a new product, increase their effectiveness and get better results in every launch they do.”

Average launch uses less than 10% of its potential!

“By learning and applying these simple methods and techniques, they will double and triple their marketing efforts, performance and output, get paid more and promoted faster,” he concluded.

“I have enjoyed my first seminar with GUST and meeting such enthusiastic and motivated marketing professionals and entrepreneurs. The seminar was highly successful and showed the passion of those professionals to develop and to keep themselves up to date with the latest and the most developed business skills. Specially in product launches.” Said Khalid Al-Zanki.

“On product launches to achieve success you have to make a load of sales and deliver genuine value to your potential customers or marketplace, you must use a strategy which could deliver a highly effective product launch. This will make the real difference between getting WOW from your customers and being avoided simply by your customers. A superb marketing plan could possibly be the difference between success and failure of your product launches,” he added.

“Marketing for product launches doesn’t manifest in a vacuum. There are actually competitors in existence who, if perhaps they’re not currently offering a product that is doing what yours really does, these products soon will be in the marketplace. Therefore, you must be connected with your market and your customers. It might give your launch that additional boost it needs to make a difference,” he added.

“Ultimately, the success of your product launches as well as your marketing strategy will probably be impacted considerably by three most important factors (1) Fully understand your target market, (2) Creativity flow, and (3) Getting engaged and connected with your customers. Control these three factors and you will dominate your marketplace.” said Khalid Al-Zanki.

Commenting on the successful seminar, Dr. Hassan Al-Sady, Director of Center of Professional & Continuing Education, GUST said: “I have had the pleasure of inviting  Khalid Al-Zanki, as guest speaker on some of my seminars related to small business, Business plan, the feedback I got from the seminar attendees was excellent, and I believe it was a beneficial time for everyone”, “We are looking forward to hosting Khalid’s next seminar and workshops to share more of his extensive experience in the very near future” he added.

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