Khalid Al-Zanki ENBV Guest Speaker at KMBS

Dr. David Madzikanda (PhD)
Entrepreneurship and New Business Ventures (ENBV)
Kuwait Maastricht Business School, Kuwait

In its endeavour to prepare students as effective business leaders and successful entrepreneurs, KMBS periodically invites guest speakers from the business community to share their experiences with students. On such an occasion, Eng. Khalid Al-Zanki, a dynamic and maverick entrepreneur and founder and CEO of ALZANKI ENTERPRISES gave an inspiring speech on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

With only KD12,500 seed money from personal savings, Khalid started his business organising seminars and workshops in leadership skills from scratch, and grew the business value, over 50 times, in less than 4 years. He attributes his success and such remarkable achievement to hard work and passion for the work he does. These are just some of the characteristics of entrepreneurs. When asked about what an entrepreneur needs to do to survive the current economic crisis, Khalid replied that ‘first and foremost an entrepreneur needs to sell his or her products and services and constantly review the business strategies’.

KMBS students were so inspired by his entrepreneurial success that some of them are contemplating starting their own businesses and becoming self-employed.

As one of its MBA modules, KMBS teaches Entrepreneurship and New Business Ventures (ENBV), which explains the various paths required to start up and run a business. The course is delivered by Prof Hernan Riquelme and Dr. David D. Madzikanda, and gives students the capabilities and skills required for starting and running their own businesses.

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