Khalid Al-Zanki is One of The Movers And Shakers

MOVERS AND SHAKERS IN GCC Featured by Khaleejesque Magazine, Kuwait – The Economic Issue April 2015 An entrepreneur who was formally educated as a computer engineer, Khalid Al-Zanki founded LAUNCH ON FIRE, a series of business podcasts, as a brand for budding start-ups. LAUNCH ON FIRE is an online podcast dedicated to entrepreneurship in Kuwait […]

The Face Behind LAUNCH ON FIRE

Interview by Citypages Magazine by Kinda Al-Fares, Kuwait – Issue Feb 2015 Innovation is what makes the world go round, and in Kuwait it has been the driving force behind the changes that are taking place in the small businesses arena. Khalid Al-Zanki is one of those people who is contributing to this culture of […]

Khalid Al-Zanki | Infinity and Beyond

Of all the exciting upstarts and promising ventures that theCITY has had the fortune of sponsoring and supporting, one of our most intriguingly fresh and thoroughly innovative sponsored projects is Khalid Al-Zanki’s rapid-fire, off the cuff radio-style talkshow, LAUNCH ON FIRE! It’s been taking iTunes users and Podcast listeners by storm and, with just a […]

Leadership Influence Focuses on Leadership in Challenging Times

Aabha Gandhi, Staff Writer Al-Watan Daily Newspaper, Kuwait Published on: Thursday, June 18th, 2009 These are challenging times for business across the world. Be it the bankruptcy of the General Motors and Chrysler or the debt issue of the Investment Dar and Global Investment House in Kuwait, no one country has been spared for the […]

Patience, Determination, Focus, Key to Success for SMEs

Aabha Gandhi, Staff Writer Al-Watan Daily Newspaper, Kuwait Published on: Sunday, June 14th, 2009 A few minutes into conversation with LEADERS ENTERPRISES and ALZANKI ENTERPRISES Founder & CEO Khalid Al Zanki and you are a motivated person. A young and dynamic entrepreneur, AlـZanki has been in the field of leadership management for the past five years. When he […]

Arabtimes Newspaper Interviews Khalid Al-Zanki

Rena Sadeghi, Staff Writer Arabtime Newspaper, Kuwait Published on: Monday, August 23rd, 2010 Khalid Al-Zanki is a full-time product launch expert and online business strategist and earns his living from this new and dynamic business. He helps entrepreneurs build businesses and launch their products and services. Khalid’s sales-producing, profit-generating solutions help people reach success in […]